Prince Sultan Program for Arabic language (Unesco)

Prince Sultan Program for Arabic language (Unesco)

The program was launched by support of the founder in 2007 to promote the Arabic language at UNISCO in order to give a new impetus to use the Arabic in the Organization, whether through interpretation, texts, or media presence on the Internet. The initiative expanded the scope of implemented activities and provided support to promote the Arabic language and Arabic culture within UNESCO and the international community. The program sponsored the foundation with an amount of  $ 3 million.

Program Goals:

  • Enable Arabic speakers to express their views in their own language and listen in Arabic to calls received in other languages.
  • Continue to develop the UNESCO Arab portal on the Internet.
  • Feed the Arabic version of the database, which includes the terms of UNESCO, in order climb to a level reached by the copies of other languages.
  • Strengthen relations with the media in the Arabic-speaking countries.
  • Strengthen the publications translation including revise, produce, print, and distribute it in Arabic language, and develop the Arabic expertise in the field of translation.
  • Develop expertise in translation.



UNESCO’s First Celebration of International Day of Arabic Language

The International Day of Arabic Language came as a crowning of these efforts exerted by His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz to support the Arabic language at UNESCO. The Executive Council decided to adopt 18 December as the International Day of Arabic Language according to the initiative by the Permanent Delegation of Saudi Arabia at UNESCO and with full support of the Arab Group.

In recognition of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz’s efforts to support the culture and activities of the Organization, the Organization awarded His Highness the (Son of Sinai Gold Medal for Culture). The medal was presented to His Highness by the Director-General of the Organization, Kuchiro Matsuura during his official visit to France.

The program’s support is continuing for the Organization:

UNISCO has achieved distinct shift of interesting to Arabic Language and this interest has a new momentum after the guidance launched by His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz “the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation from the headquarters of the Organization in Paris on Dec 2015”, when he declared the program is continue its higher cultural tasks through a huge support with an amount of $5 million over five years at US $ 1 million a year.

  • The Director-General of organization extended her thanks to the association in recognition of its active role in the cultural contract and supporting Arabic Language Program .
  • Ambassadors of Arab States praised the initiative of the association in adopting this program that reflects faith of H.R.H Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz in the fact that spreading of the Arabic language all over the world is the closest way to achieve understanding, dialogue and synergy with other nations .
  • In the program, the association also sponsored the World Day of Arabic Language in the headquarter of the organization for the year 2016.Alongside the ceremony,
  • Program agreement was signed by and between the association and the organization .