Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz International Arabian Horse Festival

The festival was launched as of January 2008.
The Festival’s organizing Committee is chaired by H.R.H Prince / Khaled Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz . The Festival’s organizing Committee shall include as members the following names:

H.R.H Prince / Faisal Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz

H.R.H Prince / Turki Bin Khaled Bin Faisal

H.R.H Prince / Mohammed Bin Faisal Bin Abdullah

H.R.H Prince / Faisal Bin Khaled Bin Sultan

H.R.H Prince / Khaled Bin Bander Bin Sultan

H.R.H Prince / Naif Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz

H.R.H Prince / Ahmed Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz

H.R.H Prince /Mansour Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz

H.R.H Prince / Fahad Bin Khaled Bin Sultan

Since the festival hold the name of its founder who contributed highly into promoting equestrian sport and keeping the Arabian horse breed safe, so his excellence/ chairman of the Board of trustees gave his instructions to include the festival as part of the activities of the Association as of the financial year (2017) .

The festival grants several awards on the following events:

Endurance race
Horse Race
Horse beauty Contest
Best Photographer Competition