Prince Sultan International Prize for Water

Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water

The efforts and good gifts of the Prince Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz (May God have mercy upon him) has been spread over the country and his humanity crossed the borders. He cared about the education, environment, and health of human wherever he is.

In this context, His Highness (may Allah have mercy on him) established an international award in his name, in recognition and encouragement of efforts to solve water problems through technology, scientific studies, innovations and scientific research.

The Award was established on 2002 and is chaired by His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz. The Council includes members of (HE the Minister of Water and Electricity, the Director of King Saud University, the Governor of the General Organization for Desalination of Salt Water, General Secretary of the Award, three international experts and three local experts).

The prize is awarded every two years, and includes five branches: one of these branches have been allocated for creativity and its value is one million Saudi riyals, and four other specialized branches each award half a million Saudi riyals.

Prince Sultan Center for Environmental, Water and Desert Research at King Saud University takes over the General Secretary of the Award which funded by the Foundation.

This reward was launched in 2002 AD, and his Royal highness, Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz is the chairman of its board among the members of the board HE Minister of Water and Electricity, HE Rector of King Saud University, HE Governor of Public Organization for Seawater Desalination, Secretary General of the Award, Three International Experts, and Three National Experts, Three Millions Riyal Award.

It is awarded every two years, in 5 branches: one Million Riyals award for creativity and  four other branches, the prize of each is 500000.00 SAR, The center of Prince Sultan for desert, water and environment research, in the University of King Saud, represents the General Secretariat of this award.

  • In presence of his excellence/ chairman of the Board of trustees, and his excellence Secretary –General of the authority, and H.R.H Prince/ Fawaz Bin Sultan and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the award ceremony took place on Wednesday , 2nd of Safar 1438 Ah, corresponding to 02 November 2016 G at the United Nations headquarter in New York city.
  • Minister of Environment, Water & Agriculture inaugurated events of the 7th International Conference on Water Resources & Dry Landscape during the period (4-6 Dec. 2016, corresponding to 5-7 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1438 AH at King Saud University).
  • Since the date of call for candidates for the 8th session, there are (45) candidacy applications for the award were received from (24) state around the world.

  • The award participated into The Saudi Forum for Water& Environment organized by Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture in Riyadh during the period (12-14 Feb. 2017) with participation of more than (60) Governmental & private body.
  • The award participated into The 6th Forum & Exhibition for the Gulf Environment & Substantial Development held in Jeddah and organized by Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture & General Association of Meteorology and Environmental Protection during the period (5-6 Apr. 2017 G).

Prize Winners for the seventh session :