Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Medical and Educational Telecommunications Program


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Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz educational and medical communications Program (MeduNet) was launched founded on 1418 A.H (1997 A.D) as a pioneer and unique program in the field of providing communication and information technology services for the governmental and private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

MeduNet Services:

This program offers specialized and comprehensive technical services and solutions in many fields such as electronic health and electronic education, solutions of electronic government, infrastructures and internet applications, specialized technical consultations extra in the field of communication and information technology. The program has an advanced communication and information technology infrastructure in addition to qualified and highly trained workforce.

Hereinafter is a definition of some services provided by EDVNET:


The concept of Telemedicine is based on providing medical diagnosis services to the patient and making the check remotely regardless of distance separating the patient and doctor, by using high tech medical equipments and devices that can transport data and medical images with high accuracy to help the doctor to make the right diagnosis. This program also provides mobile telemedicine services on special vehicles exclusively designed to work as a complete electronic clinic in all situations any time anywhere. These advanced vehicles can be used in remote or contaminated areas or on battle fields or in case of nature disasters. The vehicles are equipped with telemedicine communication systems required to link mobile units and medical care centers and hospitals anywhere around the world. MeduNet has a qualified technical team able to install and maintain systems and technologies of telemedicine as well as providing technical support necessary for hospitals and medical centers. MeduNet is considered one of few companies specializes in providing telemedicine services in the Middle East with experience in this field. MeduNet also has strategic partnerships with some leading manufacturing companies of telemedicine devices all over the world.


Visual Communication Services and equipping of Meeting Halls:

MeduNet has the technology and experience needed to equip meeting and lectures halls with voice and visual technologies for visual Communication between two points or more regardless of the distance between them geographically, reducing traveling costs and making maximum use of time and effort.

MeduNet provides complete services to equip classic meeting training and lectures halls with smart systems enabling full control on voice and visual equipment and light devices and external light control, as well as controlling the course of the meeting and registering recommendation and reminding audience of the tasks designed for them and follow up to ensure that tasks are accomplished as scheduled.

Also MeduNet provides high quality giant HD screens to replace TVs and classic presentations devices making visual communication experience more fun and more realistic.

Cloud Medical Dictating Services:

MeduNet has started off for the first time the encoding and dictation specialized Cloud Medical system, which is health service accredited in accordance with global standards that gives doctors more freedom and flexibility when issuing medical reports saving their precious time, so they can register the medical reports as voice files by smart devices or computers of and load them on a encoding and dictation system which in turn process the voice texts and convert it to written and verified documents depending on medical verifying standards and according to priority charts specified already. These reports will be sent for doctors revision and included in the medical record of the patient automatically.


What make, this service special is that it can be linked directly and automatically with all health information systems of the patients according to international medical standards, providing a more credible and flexible approach to keep all medical reports in the patient file directly.

Medical Information Systems:

MeduNet provides applications and medical information systems (HIS) as strategic services and solutions within its specialized services system. It has the technologies and qualified workforce for that, to execute these applications upgrade whether for one health establishment or multi-buildings and branches’ establishments served one system. MeduNet cooperates a group of leading companies in this field locally and internationally.

Cloud Technical Structure Services:

MeduNet provides package of main cloud services as keeping data services, renting of spaces, servers and cloudy hosting services for website and electronic gates, backup files and information security protection and cloud E-mail services as one of the first providers of such services in Saudi Arabia. MeduNet depends in providing these services on its data center that was granted The Global Quality Award in information security 27001/ ISO. That confirms midmost commitment to comply to ultimate standards of information security to satisfy the company client. The most popular service is storing and security of information services and cloudy E-mail as such service could save the costs of building a full package of these systems so that the client can focus on his main work not worrying about the technical details or recruiting specialized technicians counting his expenses on the actual usage of these services.

MeduNet provides this technology through various prices and services packages in to meet aspirations and demands of clients. The company also provides for its clients cloud technical structure services based on linking clients with the information center of MeduNet and giving users and authorization managing services to each user on the internal network of the client (Domain Controller). This arrangement saves client, the trouble of managing and screening users of their internal network and enable them to supervise every access given. This service also provides virtual cloud servers with high technical specifications that can be updated according to the client’s need .

Internet Services

MeduNet is an authorized local internet service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It provides intranet and high capacity internet service

for private sector and government institutions.

MeduNet provides internet services to government institutions for competitive prices and deliver these services using fiber optical microwave or wireless networks like WiMax and WiFi technology, or using satellite networks.

Information Preparing Centers:

MeduNet is distinguished by its specialized teams of highly qualified engineers experienced in design running operating and maintenance of networks. The company has also agreement with some of leading international companies in this field. and high capacity internet service.

has executed major project of wide and challenging network in record time with all sufficiency and professionalism that deserved thanks of clients. Also and high capacity internet service.

provides whole solutions to fulfill all client’s requirements weather they were local wide or wireless networks. Along with managing and running services the network and providing maintenance and technical support.

Within the framework of its endeavor to provide specialized comprehensive high quality services, MeduNet offers design executing operating and maintenance services of advanced information and data centers for its clients who wish to obtain advance data bases to support their systems and electronic works. The company is eager to provide a comprehensive and whole solutions for information centers including security systems used to protect these centers. What distinguishes MeduNet in this field is that it’s trained teams comply to high strictly global standards in running such projects.

Local and Internal Networks:

MeduNet is characterized by its team of specialized engineers, with high technical certificates and long term experience in designing running operating and maintenance networks. In addition to cooperation, agreement, the company has concluded with leading. MeduNet executed major wide networks projects in record time with all sufficiency and professionalism that deserved thanks from. Also and high capacity internet service.

provides whole solutions to fulfill all client’s requirements weather they are local, wide or wireless networks, and it provides managing and running network, along with maintenance and technical support.

Electronic Applications:

The current period of the Kingdom history has witnessed major and serious initiatives intended to enhance using of information technology in governmental institutions and some of the most important current initiatives is “Al yousser” program for electronic transaction in governmental agencies.

MeduNet participates in this endeavor in terms of its massage to promote using information technology in order to boast the sufficiency and productivity through some important projects for governmental agencies and link them with “Al yousser” and other electronic systems. These projects some of which are of sensitive nature, greatly facilitated resident and citizen’s transactions.

MeduNet participates strongly in running projects and offering expert advice in electronic applications and service, as it believes in the importance of these services to enhance efficiency in both governmental and private sectors institutions with respect the importance of keeping the secrecy and security of data. MeduNet cooperates in this field with international companies experienced in the field of General Keys (KPI) and the basis of electronic transactions electronic clearing, and information storing and security and other needed expertise.

MeduNet has been able to run a number of projects of important and delicate electronic transactions with high efficiency and sophistication. Those applications has become main part of  both governmental and private sector electronic transactions system.

Technical Equipment for Fiber Optical Projects (FTTH):

Fiber Optics is by all means, a revolution in communication compared to normal connecting cables due to its enhanced ability to carry information a Fiber Optics are thinner than normal cables and we can pot much more of them in one beam which means more phone lines or TV broadcasting channels in one cord. Because of these features Fiber Optics has become part of many industries especially communications and computer networks. It is also used in medical imaging and as high quality sensors to detect changing of temperature and pressure rattan important application in excavation undergrounds.

MeduNet managed to run some important and delicate Fiber Optics projects in record time and with efficiency and professionalism in cooperation with local and international companies.

Work Procedures Managing Services:

For guarantee the best opportunity of success in applying electronic systems in deferent governmental agencies, it is essential to redesign work procedures and works circle in away that ensure smooth performance and high production efficiency of personnel.

That requires consultants specialized in studying and analyzing work procedures to redesign these procedures to suit modern electronic systems and achieve maximum benefit of this technology. MeduNet has the consultant expertise in the field of work procedures through a strategic partnership with the international company Applian a leading company in work procedures and automation.