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Small steps … High hopes

Child Development Centre :

Child Development Centre aims to meet the developmental and healthy needs of children with special needs. The services provided in the center through three basic dimensions including medical, rehabilitative, and developmental.

The medical services are necessary to evaluate, diagnose, and provide child’s consultations, however, rehabilitative and developmental services are focused on reducing disability and increasing functional independence.

The rehabilitative services provided under an integrated developmental program gives a new dimension for rehabilitation and distinctive pattern that adapts the child in the surrounding environment including home, family, school, community as a whole while caring for the family and meeting its needs.

Its main philosophy promote the abilities of child with special needs to achieve the maximum integration in the nature environment. The parent’s education consider on of the most important  pillars of treatment and an integral part of the center’s services.

Home and health care:

This program meets the increasing need for treatment and specialized care that carried out in the patient’s house and designed particularly for patients who stay for a long time in the hospital and they need to continuous home care for specific period. The house care provided for those patients and associated with a long-term rehabilitation medical needs. The health care program reflects the development of high vision of health care, and offers the opportunity to provide a high degree of development and attention to the patient at home.

Treatment program by riding horses:

In recognition of its distinctive program of treating disabled riding horses, the city joined as a member of the Federal Commission for the treatment of disabled riding horse in Australia. The program was recognized by the Saudi Commission for Medical Specialties (52 hours) for specialists.  Many national cadres get benefit of this program whether specialists or assistants to ensure the transference and continuity of expertise.


The city provides all advanced services, according to international standards of rehabilitative medicine, using the latest medical technology whether for children or adults, supervised by experienced medical crew and with a capacity of 400 beds that ensure maximum medical care for patients.

Entertainment therapy:

The entertainment therapy aims to refresh the brain and body through playing or relaxation or entertainment, make textiles, painting, antiques, and otherwise.

Self-entertainment  increases the integration into society and patient’s trust on himself and his abilities. There are some programs accommodated by entertainment therapy including collective sports such as basketball, manual games and also outdoor activities such as trips.

Rehabilitation program of diabetic:

A non-surgical weight-loss program designed for care-based on evidences to reduce patient weight through a comprehensive program of exercise, modifies the ways of lifestyles, nutrition regulation and education. It is a multi-specialty  approach based on the best practices brought by a wide range of specialists from physicians, nutritionists, psychologists, physiotherapists and pharmacists. There is a need to subject some patients to rehabilitation program of hyper-obesity when obesity is a hindrance to the success of the rehabilitation plan.

Health Care Program:

The Health Care Program is designed to provide medical assessment and recommendations to individuals on an annual basis. It is a comprehensive program that create multiple constants based on sex, age and other factors.

With the guidance of a consultant doctor, the program provides laboratory and radiological examinations, physiological tests as well as psychological assessment of patients. Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Humanitarian Services program distinguishes itself from others by getting access to multiple specialist services including psychologists, and assessment by a primary physiotherapist to assess minor problems such as back pain and neck pain common to many people in the absence of any health activity from the daily life of most people.



Wounds care clinic:

Wounds care clinic provides educational and therapeutic services for patients with serious injuries, both outpatient and inpatient. The clinic is also staffed by a specialized team including general surgeon, surgery nurses, practitioner of wound care.

The city has also allocated four beds to start the first wound care unit, great success in progress, patient recovery rates are very encouraging.

An integrated training and educational program is carried out by the wound care specialists for the entire medical team, patients and their companions to deal with and reduce the incidence of ulcers.

Pain Control Clinic:

When the patient condition does not respond to traditional treatment, medications and surgical interventions, the Pain Control Clinic provides the best specialized methods for effective pain control (back pain, joints, migraines) by a selection of highly qualified consultants and specialists.

Neurosurgery Program:

This program is conducted in cooperation with King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, where a number of neurologists are recruited from King Faisal Specialist Hospital to perform neurosurgery and brain surgery in the city and then follow up cases through the specialized neurology clinic.



Training and Education Program:

As an extension of the city’s vision to be a leading international center in the field of rehabilitation, so, it is always keen to adopt many strategies to be a reference for all specialists, students and patients in this area through the following:

  • Conducting analytical studies of educational needs and provides a comprehensive training plan annually.
  • Offer multiple programs targeting all specialization fields and raise technical and administrative skills.
  • Provide specialized programs derived from the concept of therapy based on evidence, which has continuous teaching hours and includes many training programs, workshops and international conferences.
  • Education and health promotion programs for patients and their families in addition to many community awareness programs in cooperation with local and international associations and organizations.
  • Support Saudization through many programs, for example, cooperation agreements for practical training and excellence for male and female students of university, training programs ending by employment, summer training programs, accredited vocational rehabilitation programs and many other programs.
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training Center.
  • International conferences held periodically such as International Conference of spinal cord injuries in 2014.


City facilities

The city has seven specialized rehabilitation buildings, an outpatient clinic and surgery building, as well as lecture hall for a 400-person equipped with high-tech facilities, and connected with a management building. It also has a child development center that provides outpatient services, 6 children’s sleeping units,  and an accommodation for sports club and staff.

Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Center for Artificial Extremities:

The Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Center for Artificial Extremities offers a wide range of advanced prostheses to support patients’ rehabilitation and improve their quality of life. The Center will provide manufacturing services to all hospitals, rehabilitation centers and specialists, and provide specialized training and education to professionals for patient assessment.



  • There are (49) beds have been added as part of the expansion project for the ground floor of (facility No. 6 &7) to become the total of used beds = 511 bed. This means that the absorption capacity increased by 10.6%.
  • The operating ratio of beds amounted to (85%) which represent a high rate of operating in comparison with operating ratio applicable in hospitals.

Health Care Quality:

  • Supplying ongoing quality and safety standards at highest rates at the global level.
  • Patient Satisfaction level in admissions Department amounted to 97%.
  • Working on renewing the following Specialized professional accreditations :
    1. JCI
    2. CBAHI
    3. ISO
    4. CAP
  • The city achieved success in limiting rates of decubitus ulcers by 70% since starting the program in 2010.
  • There is no single case of any infection of Corona or Zika virus.
  • The city kept low infection rates at 0. 20% only until March 2017 in comparison with the global permitted rate (3.2%)