Housing Program

In term of the foundation massage ((helping people to help themselves)), the program of charity housing started on 1421 A.H aiming to provide home for poor families all over the Kingdom built as compounds with all utilities and services that improve the standard of Living and constitute a social and healthy educational breakthrough to the residents. It is a national program aiming to realize a modern residential environment with all necessary utilities and services for the low-income categories to offer them the chance to help themselves and to participate actively in the development process. The program includes ten projects with a total of 1246 residential unit distributed in seven cites in Kingdom is: Aseer, Tabook, Najraan, Haeil, Riyadh, Jazan, Makkah. All these units were built and given to those who deserve help.

Each project includes all infrastructure service and other support service such as, roads, water, and electricity grid, in addition to general utilities such as: (Mosques, schools, health centers, social centers) open spaces were designated on some of these projects to enable authorities to establish additional general utilities.


Table showing housing units

Serial City Number of residential units
1 Aseer region (Al-Qahmah) 100 units
2 Tabook region

(Tabook city, Alwagh district, Debaa  district, Haqel district, Tayma district, Al-qhraiba, Albedaa, Al-Gahraa, Al-qaliba)

350 units
3 North Najraan region 120 units
4 Haiel region (Al-haiet district) 150units
5 Makkah (AL-kheowt, and al-Layth district) 380 units
6 Diyadh (AL-gaat district) 71 units
7 Jazan region ( Ahad Al-Mesarha and Damad districts) 75 units
Total residential units 1246 units