Supporting health activities

As part of its program to support health care development plans in the Kingdom, after coordination with the relevant government agencies, the Foundation has been constructed a number of health facilities to meet the urgent need for specialized services in densely populated locations as follows:

– Prince Sultan Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Al-Ahsa:

The Foundation established and equipped this centre inside the King Fahd Hospital in Hofuf and gave it to the Ministry of Health in mid 1428H to be an addition to the hospital. The centre consists of five floors with a capacity of 50 beds including 12 beds for children, 4 operating rooms and catheters, 20 intensive care rooms, 2 clinics for the heart and teeth, radiology, sterilization and basic facilities. The cost of construction and equipping is (54.5) million riyals.

  • Prince Sultan Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Kharj:

The foundation established this centre inside the King Khalid Hospital in Kharj, it is similar to the Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Al-Ahsa. It consists of three floors with a capacity of 32 beds, operations room, catheters, intensive care room, 2 clinics for hearth and teeth, radiology, sterilization, medical gases, and supported facilities. The construction and equipping cost of this centre is 30 million riyals and gave it to the Ministry of Health to be an addition to King Khalid Hospital.

  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation Centre in Hafr Al-Batin:

The Foundation has adopted the establishment of a comprehensive rehabilitation centre in Hafr Al-Batin for people with special needs. The building was so old and those people with special needs were  suffering from this matter, so, the foundation decided to construct the comprehensive rehabilitation centre.

This center, which was built on a land area of 50 thousand square meters, at a cost of SR 20 million with the latest design of the Ministry of Social Affairs and improvements introduced by the Foundation. It was given to the Ministry after it was completed in mid-1430H and accommodates 450 people in two separate sections for both genders, including residential facilities, treatment units, rehabilitation, training, administration, mosque and supporting facilities.

Heart Centre in Aljouf:

The founder (May Allah have mercy upon him) provided abundant support of 10 million riyal to construct this centre to serve Aljouf Region and surroundings area.

Primary Health Care Centres:

Within the foundation charitable housing program, three primary health centres have been equipped and established with an amount of 10 million riyals.

Contribute in companies which provides health services:

The foundation contributed in many health companies to support the health sector in the kingdom as follows:

  • Mecca Medical Centre Co.
  • Qaseem Medical Services Co.
  • Ha’il National Health Services Co.
  • Saudi Health Investment Co.
  • World Care Saudi Arabia Co.
  • Jizan Medical Co.


Health projects supported by the foundation:

The foundation supported many private and governmental health projects.

The forms of support ranged from carrying the costs of constructing buildings and units of these projects, providing modern medical and therapeutic equipment, or equipping new units such as:

  • Military Hospital in Riyadh
  • Albadaa Hospital in Qaseem
  • Sultan bin Abdulaziz Heart Diseases Centre in Qassem
  • Teabah Medical Charitable Resort
  • Alrass Public Hospital
  • King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
  • Private Rehabilitation Centre in Aljobail

The foundation total support for these facilities exceeded 22,5 million riyal.

  • Foundation support abroad:

The Foundation’s contributions in the field of health care have not limited to projects within the Kingdom, but the support extended to include a number of projects and health facilities in a number of Arab and Islamic countries, including:

  • Cancer Treatment Center in Morocco:

The foundation established a center, which cost about 18.8 million riyals, was officially inaugurated on November 7, 2006 in Agadir, Morocco with a capacity of 32 beds, to provide treatment for cancer patients in the southern provinces of Morocco.

  • Medical Project in Keshgari, Pakistan:

It includes a hospital, a health institute and a mosque in the Keshgari camp in Peshawar, Pakistan, to serve the Afghan community and Afghan immigrants. His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz (May Allah have mercy upon him) funded the project by 2.5 million riyals on 1996. The project funding is more than (27.5) million riyals.

  • Prince Sultan Bin A. Aziz Al Saud Centre for Hearing and Speech Development in Bahrain:

The center was established in July 1994. The foundation established it with cost of SR 3 million. The center’s main objectives include: develop communication capabilities for the hearing impaired people, emphasize the need for early diagnosis of hearing impairment and the need to start training and rehabilitating hearing impaired people in a youngest age As well as emphasis on the role of parents in the rehabilitation and educational process for the hearing impaired people, the importance of educational and social integration of the hearing impaired people, and increase the community’s awareness of the causes of hearing disabilities and methods of prevention.