Supporting educational activities & Scholarships Programs

“sons and daughters of homeland are the basic of development, which we are keen to equip them with science and knowledge, and build their essential abilities and skills to rise the country and achieve its development goals.”
Sultan bin Abdulaziz

Within the framework of the founder’s vision of the importance of education to build the human, the Foundation has given this axis a top priority as follows:

Scholarship Programs:

Over the past 15 years, the Foundation has adopted an academic scholarship program in collaboration with a number of Saudi, Arab and foreign universities. The program has provided about 630 scholarships for disabled and successful students who are interested in university and postgraduate studies, including as follows:

  • Collaboration Agreement with Arab Gulf University:

This agreement has been launched in 1995 for a period of 15 years and was dedicated to postgraduate studies in the field of special education in order to meet the needs of the Saudi society to provide and supply national competencies specialized in care programs and rehabilitation for the disabled persons.  A program has been established in an integrated manner to be among the programs of the Gulf Arab University in Bahrain.

  • Collaboration Agreement with Dar Al-Hekma University

This agreement has been launched on 2000 and provides 22 scholarships annually for Saudi female students in various specializations to serve the domestic work market.

  • Collaboration Agreement with Prince Sultan University:

The foundation provided scholarships to nearly 40 students and the foundation covered all expenses and gave the priority to the successful and distinguished people with special needs.

  • Collaboration Agreement with Business Administration College:

The foundation entered an agreement with Business Administration College in Jeddah and aimed to provide 160 scholarships for Saudi students of both gender under the title of “Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Charity Foundation Scholarships” with an average of 8 annual scholarships and the priority given to disabled people who enrolled to study. At the beginning of the study at the Faculty of Engineering, two scholarships will be allocated to Saudi students of higher education.

  • Program of Develop and Support special education at Saudi Universities:

In cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education, a team was formed under the chairmanship of Foundation, which includes a number of concerned member to develop special education curricula in higher education institutions in the Kingdom. The team organized a forum and “the 10th National Plan for Supporting and Developing Special Education Programs in Saudi Universities” was presented. Through this plan, the team entered an agreement with the ministry to allocate (100) mission for postgraduate studies in the United States of America for the majors of special education and its support services.

Support scientific and educational institutions:

In parallel with the Foundation’s efforts in the field of scholarship programs, the foundation has been provided financial and in-kind support, and constructed a number of scientific and research institutions, including:

Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Science & Technology Center (Scitech):

The Center was established in Al-Khobar on 21,674 square meters. It was inaugurated by His Highness the Supreme President of the Foundation (may God have mercy on him) on 6 Shawwal 1416H corresponding to October 8, 2005. The cost of the project was SR 262 million and it given to the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals to operate it. The center includes halls for permanent exhibitions, educational units, scientific dome, astronomical observatory and temporary exhibition halls.

The center goals are the following:

  • Expand the scientific and cultural horizons of center’s visitors in the fields of science and technology.
  • Simplify ideas and scientific subjects and making them interesting and enjoyable for all.
  • Develop curiosity, reading and exploration in scientific fields.
  • Help visitors to develop thinking and scientific analysis and make it natural in their lives.
  • Develop awareness and assessment of visitors for the role of science and technology in their daily lives.
  • Link the programs and exhibits of the Center with education curricula in the Kingdom.
  • Organize temporary exhibitions in scientific and technical fields, such as practical books, computers, communications and others.
  • Deliver the Center’s message to the residents of remote areas by operating practical caravans.
  • Prince Sultan University:

The College of Prince Sultan was established in 1419H by the people of Riyadh. In 1423H the college has been transferred to a university, and it became the first non-profit university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support the national development and supply the labor market with qualified cadres. The foundation supported it with an amount of 15 Million riyals

Taif University

In continuation of the high support for the education process in the Kingdom, the founder’s and the partners of the College of Science and Technology agreed to dedicate the buildings of the Science and Technology Colleges project to Taif University, which started welcoming students at the beginning of the academic year 1426/1427H. The foundation contributed of more than (24.8) million riyals.

  • King Saud University Scholarship:

In line with the Foundation’s objectives, His Highness “the Founder” provided support to King Saudi University to contribute to the University’s adoption of scientific and research programs, thus enhancing the University’s standing and its presence at the global level.

The Foundation also led a scientific partnership between King Saud University and Missouri University of Science and Technology, which has been associated with collaboration agreement with the Foundation since 2008. On 22/5/2009, a scientific partnership agreement was signed between the two universities, includes knowledge exchange, Technology, scholarships, educational opportunities, courses and graduate programs in advanced majors, including the Master of Joint Engineering Management program.

Prince Fahd Bin Sultan University

It was inaugurated by His Highness (may God have mercy on him). His Highness supported the University with a sum of SR 10 million. He confirmed that the importance of spreading the foundations of higher education.

Prince Sultan Fund for  Women Development

The Fund was paid with the attention and support of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz (may God have mercy on him) for 10 million riyals.

Support King Salman Center for Disability Research

The foundation recognized that the importance of scientific research in making a comprehensive development shift, and for being the base which all development plans and projects should be launched from it, the Foundation supported the Center and adopted many of its activities and contributed to its establishment by SR 8 million. The Center was presided over by His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz, the Supreme President of the Foundation, who was keen to sponsor the second meeting of the founders of the Center.

Community Service Centre at King Saud University

The Foundation adopted the tuition fees for 10 candidates at Community Service and Continuing Education Center at King Saud University, five candidates at the radiological diagnostic program and five with the medical laboratory program. These programs are enrolled by high school graduates/ scientific section. The program duration is two and half years and the graduates of these programs are benefited and utilized in Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz City for Humanitarian Services.

Develop the Central Library for Talking Books (link of video library)

The foundation supported educational and scientific associations as follows:

  • Intellectual Education Institutes.
  • Wildlife Support Fund
  • College of Education for girls in Riyadh.
  • General Organization for Technical Education – First Saudi Technical Conference and Exhibition
  • Dar Al-Hekma College for Girls (construct the building)
  • Al-Da’wah Charitable Foundation – broadcast lessons from Faisal bin Fahd Mosque
  • Support Scientific editions and cultural activities

Firstly: Scientific editions:

The foundation made a shift to develop publication industry and support scientific editions that enrich the Arabic Library. Its initiatives systems in this regard including:

Issue World and Arabic Encyclopedia:

The Arabic Library has been in need of a contemporary encyclopedia that stands alongside with major foreign encyclopedias, such as the World Book Encyclopedia, the Collier Encyclopedia, the Americana Encyclopedia, Britannica, or other comprehensive encyclopedias. It is regrettable that the Arab library still lacks of a comprehensive major public encyclopedia of this kind that aimed the Arab reader in its Arabic language. The great contemporary public encyclopedias also directed to their readers in their languages while the Arab Islamic civilization was the first in encyclopedic writing in early times.

Therefore, the idea of issuing a comprehensive public Arabic encyclopedia has been emerged. HH the Supreme President of the Foundation (May Allah have mercy on him) adopted this project and its funding, which enabled this transformation of this hope into a work to try to fill this shortcoming and to be an integrated reference for the various fields of knowledge. Moreover, Arabic-speaking students, Students, researchers, intellectuals, media people, business people, various professions and family members.

The Encyclopedia was issued in 1996, about the Encyclopedia works for Publishing and Distribution, and it came in (30) volumes, funded by the Foundation under the guidance of HH the Supreme President, where the cost is more than (34) million riyals.

Issue Atlas of Satellite Images for the Kingdom

The idea of producing Atlas of satellite images of Saudi Arabia came from Prince Sultan Center for Environmental, Water and Desert Research at King Saud University. This project was funded and sponsored by His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz, the Supreme President of the Foundation. The project was carried out in cooperation with the Space Research Institute at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, the General Directorate of Military Survey and other scientific and research authorities. The cost of issue this Atlas about 2 million riyals.

The completion of the Atlas took about two years of extraordinary efforts by a scientific team of more than 30 Saudi experts in various and necessary specializations to do this task.

The Atlas consists of four chapters, 357 pages, large scale, after a preface, covers about the techniques of remote sensing and GIS. The first chapter was allocated to the Kingdom’s natural geography starting with the characteristics of its location and strategic location. The second chapter covers the Saudi cities (18 cities in various areas) while the third chapter covers the applications of (remote sensing) of the most important geological and topographic features, weather, climate, water resources, agriculture, livestock, wildlife and urban growth. The large size of the atlas, including satellite images of all parts of the Kingdom, from the Jalamid in the north, to the Farasan Islands in the far south-west.

Dementia Research in the Kingdom

With a cost of (3.5) million riyals, the Foundation, under the guidance of His Highness the President of the Supreme Council, completed and printed the research on “the spread and related characteristics of Dementia in Saudi Arabia” under the supervision of two key members of the faculty of King Saudi University in Riyadh.

Research “National Research to evaluate the experience of integrating children with special educational needs in regular schools in Saudi Arabia”:

The foundation contributed with an amount of 200 thousand riyals in supporting the research of “-           National Research to evaluate the experience of integrating children with special educational needs in regular schools in Saudi Arabia” which carried out by the General Secretary for Special Education at the Ministry of Education at the time.

Issue Sharia Sciences Encyclopedia:

The Supreme President of Foundation (May Allah have mercy on him) has been issued his instructions to the foundation to purchase 1200 copy of Electronic Encyclopedia of Sharia Sciences on CD-ROMs includes Quran with the voice of the most famous reciters  with the interpretation and reasons of revelation and the teaching of Tajweed and the rules of recitation, and the program of Hadith and sciences, and the books of Islamic jurisprudence and its curriculum, and the total fatwas of Ibn Taymiyah, and all these copies produced by Harf Information Technology Co. The cost of those copies (1.36) million riyals, to distribute it to Islamic centers and associations inside and outside the Kingdom and some consulates of Islamic countries.

In addition to a lot of important issues supported and funded by the foundation including as follows:

  • Charity project for the distribution of scientific books.
  • Center Directory of Care of People with Special Needs in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries.
  • Directory of institutions in the field of disability in the Arab world.
  • Educational Atlas of King Abdulaziz Department.
  • Child Health and Safety Book.
  • Integration Book of children with special needs.
  • Examine the national project to evaluate the experience of integrating people with special needs in regular schools
  • Update the handicapped associations directory to the Ministry of Education.

The foundation followed, supported, and participated in cultural activities includes as follows:

  • Sponsor the university and community week held at King Saud University.
  • Sponsor friends exhibition of the KSA.
  • Donate to figurative exhibition in Britain.