Social development

The foundation aimed to develop the National Strategy for Social Development which includes several axes of ways to develop the Social and Charitable Work in the Kingdom. Moreover, trained the human competencies working who are working in both fields, share and strengthen experiences. This strategy centred on comprehensive review for local fact of Social Development Program and Systematic Form of Current Foundations. Additionally, study the directions, plans, and Islamic, Regional, and International Horizons for Social Development with intent to extracting which fits with the reality of KSA in order to reach the programs plans and initiatives aimed to achieve a successful march for social development.

Support Communities and Charitable Centres:

The foundation paid too much attention to the organizational work, so, it supported and funded many charities and associations as follows:

  • Charity in Turba
  • Alber Association in Abha
  • Anti-Smoking Association
  • Sultan Cultural Centre Project In Ha’il
  • Quarters’ Centres project of the King Abdul-Aziz Society.
  • National System Project for Disabled
  • Accommodation Nursery Home in Abha
  • Prisoners Care Committee
  • Saudi Union for Disabled
  • Alber Association in Riyadh
  • Sand Charity to support Children with Cancer
  • Saudi Charity to fight cancer
  • Al-Faisaliah Women Charity
  • Alnahdah Womedn Charity
  • Mohamed bin Fahd Project of support small business for women.
  • Medina Centre of Society Development
  • Global seminar of Islamic Youth
  • National Charity for Drug Prevention
  • King Abdul-Aziz Female Charity in Qaseem.
  • Visually impaired team .

Participating and sponsoring to organise forums and conferences of charitable work:

Based on the foundation’s approach, which believes in the importance of dialogue, exchange of views and work within a framework of an integrated system that gives the opportunity to the specialists and priority for scientific and field studies. The Foundation took care of and participated in many forums and conferences that care of charitable work and social responsibility including as follows:

  • Social responsibility forum which held under the sponsorship of The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz titled “Partnership and Social Responsibility between the Private and Public Sector”.
  • Fourth Gulf Associations forum of Disability.
  • Seminar of Comprehensive Care for Elderly at the Ministry of Social Affairs.
  • Project of Establishing the National Committee of Social Responsibility.
  • Sixth Annual Festival of Child.
  • First and Second Meeting for the founders of Prince Salman Centre for Disability Researches.
  • Eighth Arab Seminar of Arab Union for Foundations- Deaf.

Accommodate nascent charities

The Foundation has undertaken to provide assistance to many nascent charities and foundations, especially those that adopts vital and unprecedented issues in the activities of other societies. These support range from material, logistical support, training and provide the temporary headquarters or administrative and technical expertise. Over the recent years, the Foundation provided special support to:

  • Hest Alsedair Charity Foundation
  • Saudi Charity for Alzheimer
  • Charity in Alha’et
  • Attention deficit and Hyperactivity Foundation
  • Mawada Charity for Divorce Issues