Local and global recognition

The foundation fame has been raised to far horizons  due to our special performance of creditability and our commitment of clear goal and work mechanism variation. In the recent years, the foundation  gained an appreciation and praise from several governmental bodies, international associations, and human, health, and scientific organizations all over the world including as follows:

  • For the second year in a row, The Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz (May God have mercy on him) has been selected as the Human Character of the Year by public poll conducted by Alsharq Newspaper from Kuwait. The newspaper’s readers in the Arab Countries have been reached a consensus of his initiative exclusive and the foundation, in addition to the variation and comprehensive of foundation programs without differentiation between gender of colour.
  • The Foundation President (May God have mercy on him) has been gained the Supreme Human Honour Medal on 2007 from the Global Council of Civilization and Cultures Collaboration from Sweden in recognition of His Highness’s efforts in the field of spreading culture and charitable work, combating poverty and contribute to develop the humanitarian work. The foundation has a role of enhancing the culture dialogue between civilizations and care about community development programs.
  • The foundation has been honoured from the following authorities:
    • The foundation gained the King Faisal International Prize for serve Islam on its session on 2003.
    • Arab Gulf University on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the University in recognition of the permanent partnership between the Foundation and the University over the years, and consider this partnership as a model of cooperation between universities and community institutions.
    • The Arab Federation of Associations which work with Deaf and the Saudi Sports Committee for Deaf in recognition of the support provided by the Foundation including programs to develop education and rehabilitation for the deaf and hearing impaired.
    • Private Business Administration College in recognition of the leading role of the foundation to support Saudi Cadres Qualification Programs.
    • Effat University in recognition of the foundation initiatives in the field of education, technology, its permanent sponsorship of specialized conferences in this sector. Moreover, the foundation has been adopted the scholarships program which includes several of the Kingdom’s Universities.
    • The foundation has been gained the Prize of Prince Mohamed bin Fahd for righteousness works due to its work’s excellence in the area of charitable work, social development, supporting various charitable projects and human services program as well.
    • The foundation has been gained Almuftah prize on 2008, this prize granted for pioneers at all levels over the nation from Asser Region.
    • Joint Commission International have been accredited Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City after the city has been achieved an Global Professional Rates in the field of applying Safety and Quality Standards of the care provided to the patients. The city has been accredited by World Health Organization as a representative centre for qualification in the Middle East.
    • Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City gained the best design of hospitals and health facilities at the level of Middle East Region as part of the conference and exhibition of construction and hospitals’ technologies held in Dubai in June 2009.

Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City gained the Prize of Best Healing Environment at the level of Middle East from Tid Jacop- commission of refereeing and judging.