Cultural communication

“Since its establishment, the foundation and in collaboration with universities and specialised scientific centres inside and outside the Kingdom, achieved its goals and contribute to union and integrate the cultural scientific project with the humanitarian charitable project”.   

Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz


The foundation was the first to bridge the gap between different cultures, try to communicate culturally, and build reasonable dialogue with others in order to contribute to exchange views and get benefit from the West’s Accomplishments including success and jumps in various sciences. Moreover, correct the negative stereotype of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab and Islamic world.

In this frame, the foundation adopted an integrated program to ensure entering a number of collaboration agreements with American, Europe, and Asian Universities, and cultural, human, and international organization including as follows:

Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud Program for Arab and Islamic Studies:

Launched on 1998 in collaboration with California University, Berkili, and this program aims to expand the knowledge about Arab and Islamic Wold. This program composed of five branches as follows: General Researches Program, Visitor professor Program, Higher Studies Students, Arab Studies Fund (includes culture, history, relevant social sciences, and occupational fields) and conferences fund, possessing important books, and rare  manuscripts in Arabic Language. The finance cost reached SAR18,7million.

Starting from 2000, the general topics of the program includes as follows:

  • Topic of (Arab Identity).
  • Graduate Fellowship Program
  • Visitor professor /lecturer Program
  • Fellowship program after PhD.
  • Other scientific initiatives

Prince Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz Program is open to receive suggestions for conferences, workshops, various media projects, websites, TV and Radios Projects, and general activities.

These suggestions may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed by the Program Committee of Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz Centre for Arabic and Islamic Studies.

There is finance fund of university scholarships, this program support academic students fund who are working on the projects and proposals related to (Arabic Identity).

Five programs have been allocated in the centre as follows:

  1. The Program of Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud Charity of professor’s visits.
  2. The Program of Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud Charity for visitors scientists and higher studies students.
  3. The Fund of Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud Charity for funding researches.
  4. The fund of Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud Charity for funding external communications.
  5. Establish a headquarter for Middle East Study Centre.

The student enrolled in the centre are about 32 student specialized in Middle East Studies and 10 students not specialised at all times during the academic year. There are number of graduate students from different countries who are studying centre’s courses.

More than (12) courses were held for students who did not graduate and the other for graduate students.

Currently, the University is witnessing a remarkable increase in the number of students enrolled in the Middle East Studies Program, since 2005, the number of students in the bachelor’s degree is more than four thousand students.

King Abdul-Aziz Centre for Islamic and Arabic Sciences Studies at University of Bologna, Italy:

This centre aims to serve Specialized Islamic and Arabic Sciences and Studies in the fields of language, history, sociology, anthropology, sponsor and support researches, specialized higher studies, build bridges of collaboration between Saudi Universities and University of Bologna. The foundation paid SAR1,87 Million as a support.

Arabic Language Learning Centre of International Relations at Moscow University:

This centre aims to enrich Arabic language learning to students of International Relations University and representatives of other Russian organizations. This centre consider as a bridge between Russian culture from one side and Arab and Islamic culture on the other side.

The centre provides its services to students of the university affiliated to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to employees of governmental and administrative bodies as well as to employees of companies interested in commercial and cultural exchange with the Arab world.

The Centre is interested in writing books and specialised curricula in the field of Arabic language learning for the purposes of conversation and diplomacy, provide a program of measurement and tests, communication with specialists in Arab countries, organizing Arabic language courses, translation and conversation, and learning and tasting Arabic literature.

The Centre consider as a base of cultural cooperation based on scientific and academic rules to ensure the continuity of communication between educated elites and create civilizational relations that contribute to support political and economic relations.

Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz Program of Support Arabic Language:

The program was launched jointly by the Foundation and The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to support the Arabic language and the translation of research and literature, minutes of meetings, and field reports. The latest contributions of the Foundation in this program were the support of the Philosophy Book issued by the organization to enhance the use of Arabic Language in UNESCO.

Collaboration between Missouri University of Science And Technology at USA:

The foundation has been adopted cooperation agreement with the University of Missouri aimed to document the cultural and scientific cooperation with universities of KSA and to benefit from the experience of the University of Missouri in distance education.  The University of Missouri is one of the most prestigious American public universities specialized in engineering, technology and science. The agreement also includes the exchange of visits between Saudi academics and employees of University of Missouri, provide an opportunity for Saudi students to join the university program.

As a result of this agreement, sign a protocol between the University of Missouri and the King Saud University which includes several items, including missions program, visitors professor program.

Collaboration program with Oxford University in UK:

This collaboration aims to contribute to save Islamic Cultural Heritage, support Islamic Studies at Oxford University, allocate scholarships for Saudi students in the area of museums and antiquities, create a gallery for Islamic antiquities at the University, and restore Ashmolean Museum’s British.

Collaboration with Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – ISESCO:

This program has been launched on 1999 which includes to find channels to collaboration with academies, research, scientific, cultural, and international centres through creating many cultural and educational activities. In the context of the instructions of the Foundation President (May God have mercy him), the Foundation’s support for this program reached SAR5,000,000 for the purposes of serve the cultural facilities in the Arab and Islamic World to support its cultural and educational role, serve human communities, promote the role of cultural work to develop abilities, and individual and communities knowledge. This subsidy

covers the expenses of seventeen professors teaching Arabic and Islamic education to seventeen countries.

Support the Islamic Consultant in Malaysia:

Since 2003 an amount of $20,000 (equivalent to SAR75,000)  is allocated by the foundation and its president in particular, as an annual contribution from the Foundation to the Islamic Consultant in Malaysia to support his office work including Islamic, cultural activities, scientific classes in the mosques, lectures, seminars, participate in Islamic conferences, preaching and guidance through the print, audio and video media, and establishing advocacy camps which aims to raise the youth the correct Islamic education,

Prepare the fasting program for people who fasted, distributing dates during the holy month of Ramadan, and distributing sacrificial meat.

Support Abdul-Aziz bin Baz Centre for Islamic Studies at Ibn Taymiyyah University in India:

The Foundation supported Abdul-Aziz bin Baz Centre for Islamic Studies in Ibn Tayiyyah University in India including: the Foundation is responsible for the salaries of four researchers at the Center, support the preparation of scientific and advocacy researches, and writing and translation of Islamic books with an amount of SAR60,000 annually since 1997. The Foundation also purchased the headquarters for the center with a value of one hundred and ten thousand riyals.