Address for disability

The foundation has been paid special attention to the disability and adopted an integrated strategy with therapeutic, rehabilitative, training, educational, research and employment axes to combat disability. In this regard, the foundation programs and the programs provided by Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City such as diagnostic services, treatment, and developed rehabilitation for thousands of disabled persons included as follows:

First of all: Qualifying specialized cadres:

Foundation programs for special education: established on 1996 and aim to meet the needs of Saudi community including national human competencies specialized on the fields of disabled care. The program has been established in an integrated manner to be among the study programs of the Arab Gulf University in the Kingdom of Bahrain in addition to cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education to send a number of educational missions to US universities to complete graduate studies in the field of rehabilitation and care.

The Foundation has also set up a team to develop and support special education programs in universities and colleges in the Kingdom.

The team will determine the needs and programs of special education sections at universities and coordinating between these sections to develop its outputs and the team has been   adopted a ten-year plan to support special education programs in Saudi universities.

Second of all: scientific conferences specialized in the field of disability:

The foundation has been contributed to organize many conferences and scientific forums which deal with disability issue and ways to address them in order to provide scientific rule which programs of care and rehabilitation in the Kingdom will be launched from this rule and these conferences and forums:

  • The Third and Forth international conferences for disability and rehabilitation.
  • Genetics Conference in health and disease.
  • Seminar of genetic homeopathy.
  • Seminar of attention deficit and hyperactivity.
  • Seminar of disabled and people with special needs.
  • First scientific forum for Autism Centres in the Arab World.
  • Seminar of variation of human genetics.
  • Workshop “Autism spectrum”.
  • Fourth National Conference for rehabilitation.


Third of all: Develop regulations and legislation:

As part of the efforts to improve the performance of charitable work in the Kingdom, the Foundation has been contributed to draft many Legislation, regulations and rules related to different categories of society. It has been participated in working committees and specialized teams that have prepared laws and codification regulations of rights and duties in charitable, humanitarian and service fields including as follows:

National System for Disabled Care in the Kingdom:

It is one of the most important recommendations of the Second International Conference for Disability and Rehabilitation. The Foundation has been participated to draft the system’s articles which includes a system of rights and duties for persons with disabilities in the Kingdom and provides them a base of services, programs of care, employment and complete independence. This system was approved by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

Committee on the care of Persons with Disabilities who are above 15 years ole:

In pursuant to the Recommendation of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, and Crown Prince Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defence and Aviation, and General Inspector the  President of the Foundation (May God have mercy upon him), a ministerial committee was set up including the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Economy and Planning, Ministry of Social Affairs,  Ministry of Media, and Human Rights Commission.

The Committee has endorsed a number of recommendations, including the health services field, such as create a government health insurance programs for persons with disabilities, allocate units in major hospitals to treat and care of accident injuries and expand the manufacture centres of prosthetic devices and aids ways.

In the field of social and rehabilitation services, the Committee approved the preparation of new vocational training programs that meet the requirements of the labour market and directed to simple and medium disabled persons and expand to construct rehabilitation centres and provide  social insurance pension for families headed by disabled person. Moreover, its provide a number of recommendations in the field of educational services and higher education and other services such as loans of Real Estate Development Fund and allocate at least 5% of the programs of the Human Resources Development Fund and the Centennial Fund.

The foundation continued its efforts in this regard to set up a committee in order to activate these recommendations in collaboration with number of concerned authorities’ representatives. One of the most significant efforts of the committee was  the Approval  of Council of Ministers about the transaction submitted by the foundation which related to an exemption proposal of persons with disabilities who are listed in disabilities’ classifications approved in the Kingdom including visa’s fees and IQAMA card for driver, housemaid, and nurse.  The Council of Ministers have been recognized a number of procedures including (The State shall pay for the disabled persons in need the fees relating to the entry, exit, return and issue IQAMA cards and renewal for the private driver, the housemaid and nurse). The resolution also stated that the formation of a committee in the Ministry of Social Affairs to establish the necessary controls in accordance with the resolution.

Fourth of all: Provide the necessary support for a number of service centres for disabled persons:

The foundation has been provided support in excess of SR (8.6) million to contribute to the establishment and development of a number of centres providing vital educational and training services for disabled persons including:

  • Disabled children centre in Medina.
  • The talking library in Riyadh.
  • Private rehabilitation centre in Aljobeel.
  • Life centre for disabled rehabilitation.
  • Club for children with autism.
  • Charity for Down Syndrome.
  • Ibsar Charity.
  • Charity for children with disability- Wahet Tebah Project.

In addition to full update project for data bases and website for Special Education Department at the Ministry of Education.