About Us

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate and the merciful
Praise be to Allah, Lord of all Creation, peace be upon the Master of the Messengers, who told us that if a person dies, all his work is ceased except three things: ongoing Sadaqa (charity), beneficial science or a good sen who prays for him.


The “SULTAN BIN ABDULAZIZ AL-SAUD FOUNDATION” is an ongoing non-profit Sadaqa (charity)
founded and directed by Your Highness to bear fruit in the many projects it has successfully delivered for the
welfare and benefit of this Country and its people. These projects range from large housing projects for the
needy. the provision Medical Care facilities in many different regions of the Kingdom, to Science & Technology
Centers, to the Sultan bin AbduIAziz Humanitarian City, the biggest rehabilitation complex of its kind world-
wide. the Foundation is a huge charitable institution that contributes significantly, alongside Government
efforts, to the fulfillment of the many and various needs of many categories of people all across this generous
Country, as well as helping people to develop, grow and achieve the prosperity and standard of life befitting
the status and global standing of our precious Country.


My dear Prince Sultan, it is the fruit of your charitable efforts in serving this Country which will remain forever
as a lasting legacy in the hearts of the people. Through your guidance, this Foundation has become and
remains the hope of the poor, the needy, the sick and the widows and orphans within our community.
The Foundation continues to share its care and benefits to all, wiping away tears and relieving pain without partial-
ity to any race, group or religion. It is a Foundation raised, by Your Highness, to be a beacon of good, mercy,
safety and hope, which has spread beyond the borders of our Country to many other Arab and Islamic coun-
tries, delivering and contributing to many different charitable projects. Projects that have provided clean drink-ing
water, irrigation to cultivate fields, minarets raising Azan and Mosques reciting the Holy Quran day and
night, as well as paved roads, foods and medication, not to mention your kind hand and compassionate words
that preceded every project.

We, the Board of Trustees, pledge to follow your path and adhere to your principles, keeping this Foundation
as you wanted it to be: ongoing Sadaqa (charity) without harm or offense. Sadaqa with the motto “Helping
people… To help themselves.” We pray to God to accept the supplication of many raised hands asking Him
to bless you with his mercy and forgiveness and let paradise be your destiny, as Allah is near and a listener
and respondent to supplications.


Khaled Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz
Chairman of the Board of Trustees.


In the name of Allah the Compassionate and Merciful

Since its launch in 1415 AH, the SULTAN BIN ABDULAZIZ AL-SAUD FOUNDATION has continuously sought
ambitiously, and with balanced and paralleled steps, to carry out and deliver on its promise “Helping people …
to help themselves”, the vision and mission of its founder, His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin AbdulAziz,
( may God bless his soul).

The Founder — God bless his soul – wanted this Foundation to be a leading charitable institution working along-side
the Government and participating in and supporting the social development needs of the people of this
Country. Over the years, the Foundation has delivered and supported many projects and programs that
Individually and collectively have delivered upon this original goal of the Founder. Among these are many
projects delivering and supporting:

  • Building the capabilities of the individual;
  • The development of the Health Care system in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia;
  • The adoption of disability issues, confronting the causes of disability, Addressing the consequences of disability and providing comprehensive care for the disabled;
  • The enhancement of Social Development through the provision of Charitable Housing Programs and the development of Charitable Institutions;
  • The development of technology in the service of development projects;
  • SupportIng Government efforts in cultural communication with the wider global community, seeking to address and correct negative stereotypical perceptions of the Kingdom and the Arabic and Islamic world.
  • Humanitarian projects throughout the Arab and Islamic world and friendly states.

Thanks to Allah, the Executives, employees and volunteers of this Foundation were able to convert many objectives into reality, to the benefit of tens of thousands of people, within and outside the Kingdom. I ask Allah the Almighty to reward the Founder and the supporters of this Foundation and its branches, His Royal High-ness Prince Sultan Bin AbdulAziz(God bless his soul) and to guide us to carry on his good works and uphold the Legacy he has bestowed upon us.



Faisal Bin Sultan Bin Abdulaziz
Secretary General.


SULTAN BIN ABDULAZIZ AL-SAUD FOUNDATION has been established by HRH Prince SULTAN BIN ABDULAZIZ  (God bless his soul) accordance with the Royal Decree No. 77/A, in 20 Shaba’n 1415 Ah (21 January 1995). As in a charity Foundation with legal personality

The Vision:

To be a leading charity institution that effectively contributes to serving and developing the society.

The massage:

“Helping people to help themselves”.

The objectives:

– Providing health and social care, as well as comprehensive rehabilitation for the disabled and the elderly people of both genders.

– Finding convalescence, nursing and rehabilitation houses as well as providing specialized human resources, clinical and laboratory equipment.

– Raising the awareness of the importance of using home and social care methods for the disabled and elderly people, as well as spreading the awareness to recognize the manifestations of premature aging, physical and mental disability.

– Providing prosthetic and compensatory devices that help the disabled and elderly people to adjust to their conditions, and to try to provide every possible means of assistance to those who need it.

– Supporting researches in the field of humanitarian services provided by the Foundation, and supporting academic and applied studies in all the fields related to disability, old age and its diseases as well as studies to determine the cause of these diseases and prevention programs .